Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra

“…After they are processed, they receive much needed rest, clean clothes, showers and meals for these migrant families who are not a threat to public safety. These humanitarian efforts help many who suffer dire situations in their journey to a better life”

Bishop Daniel Flores- Diocese of Brownsville

“This is the place where Christ comes for us in the poor and we look for his face. This is the place where we seek to respond in a human way to human realities and try to accompany those who are in great distress.”

“For us the primary response is to the person in front of us, first and foremost.”

Texas Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr.

(has issued the following statement on Sr. Norma)

“Sr. Norma is our modern day Mother Teresa. A humanitarian and servant-leader, she represents the best values of south Texas -fortified by faith and sustained by love.”

JD Salinas, Chairman, Texas Border Coalition

“Leaders are everywhere if we look. The truths and insights are often with those literally closest to the issue. In Texas we are listening to our Sister Norma.”

Dear Sr. Norma

“…God bless you for a wonderful ministry to immigrants …”

In peace
Sr. Paulette
Sr. Lelia
Sr. Margaret “Annunciation Community

Rabbi Roos Temple Sinai, Washington, DC

“”…… an encounter with the Divine: we worked hand in hand with partners from all faiths and backgrounds, we stood with and learned from the asylum seekers and the impact of our efforts were immediately apparent. Most important to us, however, was the human connection with and personal stories from the asylum seekers themselves.”

Carolyn Thalman- Virginia Member of First Presbyterian Church, Winchester, Virginia and Respite Volunteer

“Choose Welcome, Not Fear.”

Richard Cortez CPA & former Mayor of McAllen

“This nation has some healing to do on immigration issues. We all know that those who share what they have, will never run out of what they share.”

Nancy Pelosi- Minority Leader, United States of House of Representatives

“Sister Pimentel’s unwavering commitment to the humane treatment of immigrant families and children fleeing extreme violence in their home countries is second to none,” said Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi. “Her humanitarian work has earned the praise of Pope Francis. Sister Pimentel is an angel, and we are grateful for her continued efforts.”

Mayor Jim Darling, City of McAllen

“We always have the publicity of a crisis on the border but, the crisis always happens before they get to the border. The crisis ends when they get here.”